Tamara Boh (aka: Kullan)

A Master Assassin from Kelestia


Tamara (Google Docs) Character Sheet

Sex – Female
Skin – Cream
Age – 26
Height (inches) – 70
Weight (lb) – 135
Hair – Thick Black
Eyes – D Brown

Stat Bonuses
11 – Agility
2 – Constitution
2 – Memory
11 – Reasoning
13 – Self Discipline
-2 – Empathy
7 – Intuition
10 – Presence
11 – Quickness
4 – Strength

16 – Initiative
38 – Defensive Bonus
4 – Armour Type (Heavy Skins)
74 – Hits
46 – Exhaustion Points

111 – Composite Bow
79 – Saren (1H Sword)
56 – Shuriken (Throwing)

Resistance Rolls
21 – Channeling
00 – Essence
30 – Mentalism
05 – Chan/Ess
17 – Chan/Ment
08 – Ess/Ment
15 – Arcane
11 – Poison
16 – Disease
39 – Fear

Common Skills
Bonus - Rank - Skill
149 - 09 - Stalk
134 - 04 - Hide
094 - 18 - Ambush
051 - 01 - Silent Attack
048 - 04 - Disarm (Unarmed)
045 - 02 - Subdual
030 - 00 - Stunned Manoeuvre
069 - 03 - Disarm Traps
078 - 03 - Pick Locks
102 - 05 - Pick Pockets
096 - 03 - Trickery
033 - 01 - Begging
049 - 03 - Contacting
043 - 01 - Scrounging
049 - 03 - Streetwise
043 - 04 - Jumping
071 - 06 - Swimming
080 - 07 - Climbing
072 - 10 - Tumbbling
050 - 13 - Alertness
040 - 03 - Sense Ambush
070 - 03 - Detect Traps
070 - 03 - Lie Perception
067 - 02 - Locate Hidden
064 - 01 - Observation
046 - 03 - Surveillance
064 - 01 - Tracking
049 - 02 - Sense Hearing
049 - 02 - Situational Awareness
034 - 01 - Bribary
055 - 04 - Duping
043 - 04 - Interogation
037 - 02 - Seduction


{Talents & Flaws} [Training Packages]

My parents (Morda & Lynnios Boh) were very poor and father (Morda), having accrued massive gambling debts sold me off at a very young age into slavery where my frequent disobedience and my seemingly natural ability to steal things {Subtle 8, Amazing Leaping 10} got me flogged in the square often which got me noticed by the military. After killing my ‘master’ when I was only 9yrs old by hiding and striking from the shadows, I was about to be executed when a commander in the military overruled the decision and I thought myself rescued.

Unfortunately, he was in charge of the covert ‘special ops’ side and instead I was ‘enslaved’ to a different master {Underground Uprising 6}, [Ninja, Assassin, Weapons Master, Spy].

Tamara 7 396x751With my natural talents, I excelled during training which took all forms and focused on areas we had an affinity with [Con Man, Escort] as well as showing the other side of things – what the ‘Law’ would be looking out for [Detective] so we could better mask our involvement.

The recognition from the instructors that I was one of the best, even though I was on average 10 years younger than my other ‘classmates’, gave me incredible confidence in my abilities {Overconfidence -10} and pushed me to be the best at the special training facility.

This young age also allowed me to absorb a fair bit more than the others and train my body as it was developing into some of the most deadly aspects of our instructions instead of starting older and having to ‘unlearn’ all the bad habits – particularly when it came to striking from afar which was my most {Natural Archer 8, Dead Eye 7, Eye of the Hawk 15, Subconscious Preparation 6}.

This also had it’s disadvantages and I wasn’t as physically strong as the others and all exercises in armour had me beaten (quite viciously) by my opponent (thanks to their embarrassment in being out-shone by a female as well as a VERY young one in all the other aspects of the training). Unfortunately for me in those circumstances, this was encouraged by the instructors. This, as well as not being able to fire as accurately in armour gave me an unnatural hatred of wearing armour that’s lasted to this day {Fear of Armour -20}.

This, however, also became my greatest asset though as it made me consistently faster than all the rest of the group as long as I wasn’t wearing armour {Lightning Strike 12, Combat Reflexes 10} and allowed me to pay back those that had wounded me so severely – and I actually felt empowered from this revenge and even craved the feeling {Blood Lust -10}. My somewhat ‘damaged’ moral compass and my traumatic childhood didn’t help matters.

Having graduated from this ‘school’, I was sent on to many parts of Jaiman and Emer, mostly gathering intel for my government and assassinating certain foreign diplomats and officials who are opposing our advancement. Orders are added to notice boards in code. I don’t know who my ‘handlers’ are but there must be some close by in whatever cities I’d been sent to.

Due to the great distance between my nation and the areas I’ve been sent to, I don’t get orders through very frequently, nor do I know how many others of us there are around – I’ve not recognised anyone from my training facility yet.

To pass the time and bolster my income, I’d started taking on freelance assassination jobs under the guise of Kullan (meaning ‘Eternal Shadow’). I’d spread word and rumour about myself where assignments also get added to message boards in code {Secret or Secret Identity -10}.

However, since being in the ‘civilised’ world for many years on assignments, I’ve started seeing what life should have been like for me and only took my ‘Kullan’ jobs on those I felt were deserving of the fate. My determining factors on ‘deserving’ are still not necessarily what a ‘normal’ person would consider warranting a target’s death though. I focus mostly on those that abuse people who are subordinate to them (slaves or children) whatever the reasons the ‘employer’ originally wanted their deaths in the first place.

I would still not back away from someone who has wronged me though and although I rarely engage them openly, they would likely suffer an accident from the shadows soon after {Blood Lust}.

While on missions for my government, I would not have the same scruples and dutifully carry out my orders… although some of my recent assignments have been a bit dubious and had me thinking particularly the latest assignment (many months ago now) was to assassinate a diplomat’s first born. His first born was 15 – so almost a man himself and I did carry out the order, it’s just never sit right with me since and have had me actively seeking out who the handler is in this area and see if they’re actually carrying out the orders of the government or whether it’s simple to line his pockets for personal gain.

Tamara Boh (aka: Kullan)

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