Changing of the Moons

Part 2 - A new beginning

Once again I’m instructed to meet a contact in some tavern. Perhaps this will get me the recognition I deserve and put me one step closer to the seat next to Medusa herself.

She doesn’t make it easy for me though and I’ve no idea who the contact is. There’s also other people I’m supposed to work with on this errand that I’ve never met before as well. After being long past the meeting time I had to go and find him. I pause at the booth where 2 men have recently entered. I say ‘men’ but one of them, called Sy’Laeri is an elf. He’s far too well dressed to be visiting this Tavern – too many airs and graces like the rest of those snooty Loari. I mask my distaste for them as introductions are made though. Jakk-athha was the other fella – a likeable chap but I liked him even more when I saw him cheating at cards – I’m sure we’re going to get along just fine as long as he doesn’t try anything like that with me!

The task was an easy one – we needed to get the departure times of The West Wind and her sister ships from the family Elgata’s log book they keep at their mansion. My plan was simple and effective – kill anyone who gets in the way but my new companions didn’t have the stomach for it. Jakk-athha’s idea was to pose as business people to gain entry to their house and distract them while one of us copies down the information. Far too close for my liking but it could get the job done.

Whatever happens, first we need a boat and we want a general scout around the building. Sy’Laeri and I secured a boat – he cast a spell that disguised it (Loari show-off) and then I moved it to a new mooring point closer to the mansion. He was all fancy with the spells but wasn’t man enough to get in a boat – afraid of a bit of water or too good to get in a boat with me! Either way, I predict some conflict between us in the not too distant future.

We met back up with Jakk-athha in a Tavern and planned to go scout out the building. Jakk-athha as some weak bladder or he’s getting a bad case of Canal Cough because when he went to the wash room, he never returned. Sy’Laeri and I got fed up of waiting so we left without him.

I was dressed and ready to charm my way through the guarded bridge gates but Sy’Laeri cast a spell to give himself the proper papers needed to pass them. The elf could come in useful yet.

After climbing the building next to it, we had a more overall view of the mansion. The elf could see into the bedrooms clearly even thought here was no light – an unnatural ability that I hear all elves have. It makes me wonder what else they can do that we don’t know about. He decided that there’s 2 rooms on the upper level that the ledger could possibly be and they’re on opposite sides of the building.

It seems my steps were not as light as I’d hoped or the tiles was just weak because I managed to drop one while walking over them as well as making a lot of noise on them earlier. There seemed to be something going on downstairs at the same time that had the guards rushing up and down. They’re a well trained group! I’ve dealt with worse but I don’t normally need to get close as my target falls with an arrow to his head before his guards can do anything.

Back at the Tavern, Jakk-athha graced us with his presence – I hope he pulls his weight a lot more than that when we need to get the job done! Looks like I’ll be keeping my eye on both of them for now!

Tamara Boh

Part 1 - The road so far
Eema's untimely demise

Kerine Alaro and I (separately) owed a major underworld leader known as Medusa (no, not the Gorgon) a ‘favour’. As is always the way, she wanted to collect said favour which included stealing a valuable family heirloom – a statue known as the Madonna from a (once wealthy) merchant family called Maladaar. The head of this house is Bramis but it is his bedridden wife Uessa who’s actually running the business currently while their children are vying for power. Acquiring this statue was done promptly (in the first night even!) and it was only when we wanted to deliver the item that the complications arose…

Someone had double crossed Medussa and paid with his life earlier that night (and we witnessed the execution just before we were given the job which, to say the least, motivated us somewhat) and at our meeting spot, The Broken Tooth Tavern, we were about to hand the statue to Medusa’s right hand man (or woman in this case called Eema), the executed guy’s 2 friends, Roth & Eppilon saw us and wanted to make a thing of it. This let to a little exchange involving arrows and swords leaving Eemer dead after an unfortunate fumble, Eppilon dead and Roth subdued to take to Medussa for payback for killing Eema.

Fortunately, as far as we were concerned, Medusa was able to overlook the death of Eema and was very impressed with our quick work and thoughtfulness in bringing Roth, Eema’s murderer, to her still alive.

A light bit of torture ensued where Roth was sliced one bit at a time until all that was left was his head. I enjoyed that part greatly but Kerine Alaro had no stomach for it and excused himself.

My stay in Sel-Kai has started to become enjoyable! Although or debt is payed to Medusa, I wouldn’t mind if she wanted us to do some extra jobs – now that Eema’s death has left a job opening, I kind of fancy my chances. :)

Tamara Boh.


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