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Recommended reading

I recommend having a look at Character Law #5806(The new one. Not the old version). This will give you a good idea about the most common races, classes, training packages talents and flaws. As we are not putting much restrictions on classes I also recommend looking at Arcane Companion #5600, Fire & Ice: The Elemental Companion #5812 Channeling Companion #5809 and Mentalism Companion #5814.
For some exotic flavours look at Races & Cultures #5816

There are many other fun books to look at including Castles and Ruins, 10 million ways to die, creatures and monsters (we will not use all the monsters) and school of hard knocks.

Here’s a compiled list of ALL the Training Packages (17MB) that are available in RMFRP (including the Training Packages in the RMSS books that didn’t get reprinted as RMFRP in the end).

House Rules suggestions

Rule Nr. 1 Have fun

That is the law!

Active use of Obsidian portal bonus

If a player adds content to the portal the player will receive a special +50 bonus that he can use for one single action in the next session. This bonus can be used at any time even after the dice has been rolled even as an extra DB bonus when the character is being attacked.

Heros, Hero stats, Hero DP

The characters are considered to be the heros of the story and as such they receive special bonuses that makes them better then other characters.

Temporary stat bonus:

The character starts with 700 points to assign to the temporary stats.


The first levels the character will receive 90 DP regardless of the average of the first 5 stats. This will steadily increase by 5 for every 5 levels.

Starting at level 3, DP and training packages.

We decided to start at level 3. You will get 90DP for each level. You can develop training packages on level 1 and 2 and Ill allow 2 lifestyle(L) training packages. I will probably allow you to choose more then 2(L) if you can justify it in the characters background story. You can develop as many vocational(V) training packages that you can afford DP for.

Have a look at Craig’s excellent list of all training packages:.
Here’s a compiled list of ALL the Training Packages (17MB) that are available in RMFRP (including the Training Packages in the RMSS books that didn’t get reprinted as RMFRP in the end).

Optional rules for Talents and Flaws.

We decided to go for the optional point-based systems for talents and flaws. Page 109 in #5806 Character Law. Under Option 7 you will find a list of how many talent points your race starts with. We will not be using Options 1-6 but all talents and flaws has to be approved by the GM to keep the game-play balanced. This means that we will not be using the standard background options at all.

A note on money. Every race has some starting cash + free armor and weapons so I do not recommend spending your talent points on extra money. You will probably get some money from the training packages as well. Same goes for + bonus equipment.

Stats generation mess help tip

Generating the stats is one of the messiest parts of the RM system. Here is a list that may help you to get through the mess. It is based on tables T-1.2, T-1.3 and T-2.1 using the optional rule of fixed modifier on T-1.3. The pot stat is the stat you will get when Temp = Pot and not the one you get at level 1. The pot stat is your goal. You have 700 points to spend.
stat Temp pot lvl1
Dump…21….65…-2 (will not be – on lvl 3)

Optional rules for spending DP on spells.

You can by a spell without having purchased all the lower lvl spell on that list.
Example. You can get a lvl 5 spell without first having to spend DP’s on lvl 1-4

Character sheets

Character sheets can be found in the google drive folder. Just make a copy from the file menu and share it with your GM.

Character revamp

The first sessions can be used to test your character and how he works together with the party and the setting. If the player is not happy he can recreated, change class and even concept. This will give you a chance to playtest your character and avoid you getting stuck with a character that you are not happy with or that doesn’t work in the setting/party.

Attendance and guest spots

I don’t expect everyone to be able to show up every time but my experience is that the rest of the group should just play anyway. The campaign will also be open to guest stars. If you know someone who would like to play a session or two then we can use the character templates and have them join in. I’ll find some nice plot for them to fill.


Keep your Audio and Video equipment in order

Remember that your audio/video quality is a part of the other players experience. If there is a lot of noise and stuff it can have a bad effect on the game.

Try to avoid Wifi

Wifi + internet conversations = bad.

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