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Changing of the Moons

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0139 sel kai 61 1 400x692We are starting a new virtual tabletop Rolemaster Shadow World campaign initially based in the sea port of Sel-Kai. It’s filthy waterway streets are the polar opposite of the gleaming sky port city of Eidolon floating in the sky directly above it.

  • Pictured above is one of the Royal Highnesses’ Skyships as it disembarks Eidolon, the trade capital of Emer (and perhaps even all of Kulthea) on a diplomatic mission at sunrise across the vast continent of Emer.
  • Pictured left are the scummy waterway canals of Sel-Kai with the majestic city of Eidolon floating high above all the filth

The Shadow World is GLOBAL setting (well it’s technically 1/2 global as one hemisphere is blocked off by the ‘Great Barrier’) and has been developed continuously over the 20 years it’s been in existence and what I described above is merely one city on one continent but Sel-Kai is where we’re starting our adventure.

Come explore this world with us!

All players are welcomeit doesn’t matter if you’ve never set foot on Kulthea at all or have been roaming it’s lands since it’s inception.

Rule no.1 is to have fun…

So we will take the hero approach to your character creation where the players are the heros of the story and will be slightly better than a normal character would be.

The sessions will be played 1 time per week preferably at a time that will fit both the European and Us players.

For a virtual tabletop I would like to try out the news Tabletop forge app. I have beta access to the development version that is based on their kickstarter project.

The game system is Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing – RMFRP (RM third edition) simply because that’s what I am used to playing and that’s the system all my sourcebooks are using. The campaign will be converted to the new fourth edition RMU (simply called Rolemaster) as soon as it is available.

If you are interested in joining the game then send me a message on here on Obsidian portal.

Changing of the Moons

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